How To Take Care of your Upholstery So That it Lasts Forever

It is such a great feeling when you finally find that piece of furniture that completes the home’s design and generally makes your life better. After carefully planning your design and balancing the elements of your room perfectly, that piece of furniture is the crowning achievement and there will never be another one quite like it.

Now it is time to sit back and relax in your handiwork. It takes time and effort to get the right furniture in your home so it makes sense to preserve the aesthetics and structural integrity of your upholstered products. The key to making your upholstery look and feel great for as long as possible is to take proper care.

As experts on everything related to keeping your upholstery clean and in tip-top conditions, we have compiled a few important aspects of well-maintained furniture.

1. Dust and Vacuum Weekly

The greatest danger to your furniture is the dust, dirt, smoke, and grease particles that come wafting through the home and light on your beautiful upholstery. Dust and dirt are made of all kinds of particulate matter that can become lodged in the soft fabrics of your upholstery and begin to damage these fine materials.

The longer that these contaminants are allowed to remain lodged in your upholstery the greater the damage they will deal. As the fabrics are worn down, they become more susceptible to staining and discoloration.

Reduce this damage by keeping your upholstery dust free. Vacuum regularly, but at the very least once every week. If your fabric begins to pill, as it will with time, use a fabric razor to carefully remove unwanted fuzz from your furniture.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Exposure to the sun’s powerful solar radiation can have a very bad effect on your upholstery. UVA/UVB radiation can cause colors to fade and transform while deteriorating the materials themselves. Protect your upholstery from sunlight by placing furniture away from windows and skylights.

3. Rotate Cushions

The cushions on your couches should be flipped and rotated at least once a week.

This is especially important for those couches that accommodate couch potatoes. The longer one sits on the couch, the greater their chances of misshaping the furniture. But, remember to never remove the cushion covers, except for regular cleanings.

4. No Pets Allowed

We all love our animal friends, so this one factor can be a point of contention. Most furniture is not designed to handle the pet hair and dander that will quickly deteriorate your upholstery. So, if you want to keep your furniture in good shape forever, you will need to keep Pogo on the floor. Or compensate for the extra strain with more gentle and frequent cleanings.

5. Professional Cleaning

Every so often you can supplement your regular cleanings with comprehensive professional cleaning. A professional cleaning will reach deep into the fabrics of the upholstery and the paddings below and pull all vestiges of grease, dust, dirt, mites, pet dander, and anything else found within. This will leave your upholstery looking feeling and performing as new.

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