A Few Ideas for Planning an Open Concept Living Room

Open concept living rooms can have some of the most stylish and clever designs and be perfectly suited to the needs of the people living there.

The layout and function of your furnishings can be tweaked and adjusted in every way you can imagine. Versatility is a great bonus in choosing the furnishings and designs in your open concept living room. With proper zoning and seamless partitions, things don’t have to become cramped and cluttered and still look light and breezy.

If you have been eye-balling all that free space and wondering what you can do to bring some sense out of all this chaos, here are some tips just for you.


If you are trying to make the most of a small space, the best way to begin is by going big. Start with the largest items you will be included in your small space and then begin organizing the smaller items around them. Choose short furnishings to make the ceiling look higher. Elevated furniture will give an airy breezy look to your space.

After you have added the smaller furnishings like coffee tables, ottomans, and shelves. You can begin adding the mirrors, paintings, and décor items that give your living room its unique charm and personal style


Without much wall space to interfere, the colors you select for furniture, floor fabrics, and details will go a long way in evoking a specific experience. While colder colors can add a touch of elegance and sophistication, they can also add a solemn tone to the spacious environment.

Warmer clothes tie the room together beautifully and add a cozy atmosphere that is great for entertaining family and friends. Furthermore, don’t forget the magic of highlighting, accent points, and striking combinations to make your open space a little more jazzy and upbeat.


If you are selecting your furnishings and living room elements for their individual aesthetic, sentimental, functional, or economic value, the open concept living room makes a perfect canvas for your expression. In this situation, balancing the layout of your living room and avoiding too much negative floor space or wall space will be key to achieving the best design. Picking a unique and clean wooden coffee table is a great way to start this process.

Make sure you emphasize your personal expression with details from your imagination and personal taste — yes you can put those pink flamingos under the Andy Warhol print.


If convenience and versatility will be your primary objectives, you will want a layout that can be easily moved about and adjusted. This will involve building your floor plan around the objects that will be most difficult to move. Keep these situated as close to the perimeter as possible.

This way smaller lighter items like coffee tables and ottomans, can be moved aside for yoga sessions or intense painting projects. Pouffes, bean bags, and footstools will all be great options for this lightweight and versatile plan.

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